Stanmore Horticultural



Where is Stanmore Horticultural located?
Stanmore Horticultural is located on the Stanley River between Woodford and Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia. This link maps our location.

How long has Stanmore Horticultural been in business?
Construction of Stanmore Horticultural commenced in 1993, based on quality production facilities in Australia, the Netherlands and North America. Trading commenced in 1995.

Who owns Stanmore Horticultural?
Stanmore Horticultural was commenced by Nicholas Powell (formerly of Queensland Fire and Rescue Service). Manager Jodie Butler oversees the entire operation and her professionalism is one reason customers enjoy dealing with us. Jeff May joined the team in 2015 as Production Manager and brings a wealth of experience to Stanmore Horticultural. In fact all our staff are passionate about plants which shows in quality product grown for you. Nick still owns the nursery today.

Do you have other web sites?
Yes, to show the great diversity in Clivia flower colour and shape, please visit images of my private collection here From the home page, click 'Gallery' then 'Clivia'.

Who do we sell to?
We are predominantly a Wholesale Production Nursery, servicing both Retail and other Production Nurseries with quality stock. Clivia enthusiasts also source our unique Clivia collectables.

Which states do you supply?
We supply Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.
Unfortunately, due to State restrictions, we cannot supply Tasmania or Western Australia.

Can I access your price list on line?
Yes, please follow this link to download the price list in pdf format.

What size nursery is Stanmore Horticultural?
We have 5 dedicated staff operating a production area of 5 hectares which includes 11,500 sq. meters of shade house structures, 2500 sq.meters of Igloos with poly fabric roofs, and 2000 sq. meters of hard standing for full sun grown plants. All stock placed on ground sits on weed mat on compacted road base or 75mm of washed gravel for control of pathogens. We also grow stock direct on concrete and also elevated sliding trays one meter above ground level. Plant hygiene and conservation of water resources are paramount at Stanmore Horticultural.

I may not require a lot of stock each purchase. Will you still deal with me?
Yes, we supply a 3 tray minimum for Wholesale Customers.
Every customer receives our full attention.

What plant numbers represent a tray?
80 x 50mm tubes
40 x 68mm Kwik pots
22 x 100mm
24 x 100mm space savers
12 x 140mm
7 x 180mm
5 x 200mm
3 x 250mm
2 x 300mm
1 x 420mm
1 x 500mm

Do you deliver?
Yes, our delivery vehicle covers most of SE Queensland. Additionally, a network of dedicated plant carriers call at Stanmore Horticultural on a weekly basis to service most of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Quotes can be provided for deliveries if you do not have an account with a preferred delivery company. For customers without plant carrier accounts, delivery can be arranged with cost included in your invoice.

What are our payment terms?
For non-account customers, an invoice will be prepared for your order and emailed or faxed for pre-payment. Our banking details are included on invoice. A remittance advice is requested to save time organising the delivery or pick up. Accounts can be arranged after a sufficient trading period and at the discretion of Stanmore Horticultural management.

Do you allow customers to pick up from Stanmore Horticultural?
Yes, pick up from Stanmore is welcomed. Advanced notice of pick up time is appreciated for stock selection and preparation.

Do you have any information or cultural notes on growing your stock.
We can point you in the right direction via the Internet for information and also give general advice over the phone. There are also enthusiast groups on the Internet that can provide valuable information.

How can I be sure of the quality of stock ordered?
We offer a free service of photographing the exact product that we would select for your order and emailing images in real time for your perusal and discussion. Manager Jodie is as critical when assessing all stock for orders as she is for her own purchases. We also welcome inquiries for contact details of existing customers to obtain independent assessments of our stock.

What delivered quantity protocols do you have for orders.
For large orders of stock, extra plants are included to cover the possible eventuality that a plant is not fit for the purpose intended. In 99% of cases, the extras in the order are just that, extras for your benefit. For smaller orders, all plants receive the critical eye when picked for inclusion in the order.

I have heard that Clivias can have flower colour variations that are unexpected. How can I be sure that, say Cream/Yellow Clivias bought don't flower orange?
Yes, mother nature does throw the odd spanner in the works with Clivia flower colour but only rarely with our cream/yellow seedlings for the following reasons - Firstly, we know our seed producing Clivia mother stock well, and all hand pollination is carried out observing strict pollinating brush protocols. Secondly, with our tube stock sales, all plant bases are thoroughly checked for traces of Anthocyanins. If such plants are spotted in multi planted trays of seedlings or multi planted Kwik Pots, we use scissors to cut the leaves of pigmented seedlings to identify them if any, another bonus for the grower as we add extra plants to a seedling order for this eventuality. If mature stock sent out flowers orange when stated yellow/cream, return the plants and we will gladly exchange them.