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Within the Family Arecaceae's 2600 or so species of flowering plants known as palms, we find some of the most recognisable plants in tropical and subtropical gardens. Ranging from full sun to full shade, there is a palm variety for most garden and indoor settings around the world.

Of some 206 genera, of which 9 are currently grown at Stanmore Horticultural, we have chosen two genera for volume production because of suitability, popularity and elegance for Eastern Australian climates and these are Chamaedorea and Rhapis.

An example of the Rhapis genera can be seen in this full sun image of Rhapis excelsa, a species also favoured for indoor landscapes commercially because of tolerance to low light and air conditioning, resistance to pests and diseases, ease of maintenance, and architectural appeal as indoor plantings.

Genus Chamaedorea is well known for species such as the Parlor Palm (Ch.elegans) and Bamboo Palms (Ch.seifrizii & Ch.microspadix). As with Genera Rhapis, Chamaedorea are also used by gardeners and indoor landscape businesses alike, to architecturally lift a garden or planter bed.

Other palm genus grown by Stanmore Horticultural include:
Ravanea (Majestic Palm)
Lytocaryum (Wedding Palm)
Phoenix (Dwarf Date),
Trachycarpus (Windmill Palm)
Carpentaria (Carpentaria Palm)
Dypsis (Triangle Palm)
Caryota (Fishtail Palm)
Ptychosperma (Solitaire Palm, Macarthur Palm)
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