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Clivia miniata

Clivia miniata Image
Clivia miniata are a group of strapped leaf plants of the Amaryllidaceae family and are know for their beautiful flowers.

Clivias were known originally for their bright orange blooms. In early days of Clivia breeding, there were also isolated plants which carried the recessive yellow gene and prices for these yellow flowering specimens were so high that most could not afford them. But with the efforts of some persistent Clivia specialist breeders over the last 40 years, we have seen the advent of yellow, cream and peach blooms which breed true to colour and these have taken the garden industry by storm. Prices are still relatively high compared to the orange flowering Clivia, but when more Clivia nurseries grow these, the prices will come down but this may take some time.

The plant featured here is a multi petal pastel Clivia in my private collection.
Clivia miniata
Yellow /Cream Image

Yellow /Cream
These can range from almost white to buttercup yellow

Peach Image

Range from a soft pastel peach to dark salmon

Red Image

Actually a very dark orange. 'Red' does not exist in clivia flower colour.

Orange Image

These range from light to mid tone orange

Pink Image

Rare colour with varying depths of pink tones

Variegation Image

Variegated Clivia are sought after plants due to attractive foliage

Chinese Broadleaf Clivia Image

Chinese Broadleaf Clivia
A form of miniata but line bred for leaf width and shape

Belgium Hybrid Image

Belgium Hybrid
Early flowering compact form

Green Centered Image

Green Centered
Green centered Cream and Orange Clivia

Bi & Tri Colour Image

Bi & Tri Colour
Usually found with near white, yellow and orange

Multi Petal Image

Multi Petal
Instead of the usual 6 petals, some flowers show 8 or sometimes 10 petals