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Clivia Seeds,Tubestock, 100mm, and Offsets

Clivia Seeds,Tubestock, 100mm, and Offsets Image
Stanmore Horticultural imports seed from China, South Africa, Netherlands and Belgium but relies mainly on our own breeding stock. We harvest approximately 100,00 seeds from our carefully selected mother stock which is hand pollinated each year using individual brushes for each Clivia type and colour.

We grow our germinated Clivias on in community sown trays, 50mm tubes, 60mm Oz pots, 68mm Kwik Pots, 100mm, 100mm Olive Pots (mature plants),180mm, 250mm, and 300mm pots.

As well as single plants per tube, we also multi plant some of the larger tubes with 5 germinated seedlings which reduces transport costs for the same number of plants bought. Seedling growth when multi sown is still vigorous and plants are easily separated when potting on.

Clivia in this image are in 100mm colour coded pots and take the plant on to the 6-8 leaf stage, just one season in general from flowering when potted on. This pot size is sold 22 per tray. We always carry large numbers of this size for Retail Nurseries and for potting on by wholesale Nurseries. We actually have Clivia quite happily flower in this size pot!
Clivia Seeds,Tubestock, 100mm, and Offsets
Seeds Image

Clivia seeds are available from time to time

Tubestock Image

Most tubestock is 1 yr old and shows 3-4 leaves.

100mm pots Image

100mm pots
Colour coded for easy ID.

Offsets Image

Many of our collectables are sold as offsets (Pups)

Shot Seed Image

Shot Seed
First leaf and root established