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Adenium obesum (Desert Rose)

Adenium obesum (Desert Rose) Image
From the Family Apocynaceae, Adenium obesum is a succulent flowering plant originating from the Sub Saharan areas from Mauritania and Senegal to Sudan and tropical and subtropical eastern and southern Africa as well as Arabia.

Sub species include:
obesum (Mauritania and Senegal to Sudan)
oleifolium (South Africa, Botswana)
socotranum (Socotra)
somalense (Eastern Africa)
swazicum (Swaziland, South Africa)

Characterised by its swollen basal caudex, the Desert Rose can grow to 3 meters after many years and is a prized garden living ornament.

Although classed as evergreen, the plants may drop leaves during spells of colder weather under 10 degrees Celsius. The plants can do quite well as house plants in temperate regions if placed in a sunny position indoors or on patios. They require very little water in Winter as moisture is stored in the swollen trunk.

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